Renewable Energy Program

UEC’s Renewable Energy Program allows you to produce clean, renewable power at your home by connecting a solar, wind, biomass or other renewable power generator to our grid.

  • When you put more energy onto the grid than you use, the excess is credited to the following month’s bill. Each month, the power you receive from UEC is offset by the power you send back to our grid. You are only charged for the difference, or the “net.” Referred to as Net Metering.
  • UEC’s program will pay members $300 per rated kilowatt of the system up to a $1,500 cap.
    • The system must be installed, operated, and maintained in compliance with all applicable engineering and safety standards (including UEC’s program guidelines: Net Metering Rules) and be less than 25 kilowatts (25,000 watts) of generating capacity. UEC’s interconnection and net metering application and agreement are required.
    • Email our Energy Efficiency Team or download UEC’s Interconnection Application and the Interconnection Agreement.

Program Details

If you are considering a power generating installation – whether that be solar, wind or another source –  we can walk you through UEC’s interconnection requirements and help you make the best choice for your home.

Is Solar Right For Me?

Solar is a proven technology but there are some things to consider when deciding to move forward with an installation:

Solar will only be offsetting kWh directly to service location and meter where it is installed. You will want to make sure your solar vendor is proposing to interconnect the solar system where you want to see kWh savings. The alternative is to have your solar contractor combine the house and shop service to one metering point.

Yes, you will still receive an invoice from UEC for your basic charges and net metering kWh. The vendor should use your historical kWh usage to appropriately size the system. Systems sized to over-produce have a longer payback period.

Solar is a long-term investment. Obtain at least 2 – 3 quotes from licensed solar contractors. You will want to compare the price per Watt. A list of contractors participating in the State rebate program can be found at

Like a heat pump or water heater you own the solar equipment and your vendor will service it. Request a few customer references from the solar contractor and ask for references where the installer had to come back to service the solar modules or inverters.

We don’t certify, recommend or partner with any solar installer. Instead, we refer homeowners to the state Department of Energy’s approved solar contractors on the Oregon Solar Rebate Program webpage. Search for “Approved Contractors”.

DG systems are grid tied and will only operate when electricity is present on UEC power lines. During a power outage, your solar inverter will automatically shut down the flow of electricity from the solar array. Without this protective feature the PV system could potentially back feed electricity onto the co-op’s lines, endangering line crews and anyone in the area.

Yes, UEC offers a rebate of $0.30 per Watt of the solar array’s AC nameplate capacity up to a $1,500 maximum.

The state of Oregon has a rebate program. Rebates are issued to approved contractors and they pass on the savings to their customers. For federal tax incentives please consult with a CPA.

Yes, but it will not produce as much as it will in the summer with full sun.

Steps to Connecting Your System:

  1. Email UEC or download the Net Metering Application and Interconnection Agreement
  2. Submit your interconnection agreement and net metering application with the supporting documents listed below:
    • A completed interconnection agreement
    • One-line electrical diagram
    • Property site sketch or drawing that shows the location of the electric meters and disconnect switch
    • Manufacturer equipment cut-sheets
    • System production estimate
    • Copy of customer contract for PV system equipment and installation, indicating total installed cost
  3. The interconnection fee will be applied to your account. It covers application engineering review, on-site inspection and work needed to set up your account
    • $100 for systems sized 1 to 10 kW
    • $200 for systems sized 11 to 25 kW
  4. A UEC representative will contact you and the installer to confirm your application was approved and to move forward with the installation.
  5. Once your installation is complete the solar contractor will provide the completed city inspection report and will request a final inspection from UEC.
  6. UEC will complete final inspection and will email you a notice of permission to operate your DG system.
  7. Your interconnection billing will begin in one to two billing cycles and a UEC rebate check will be mailed to your home.

Questions? Call (541) 567-6414 or email UEC Energy Efficiency Team.

  • UEC review and approval of the application are required prior to being authorized to proceed with the installation. Upon approval, the customer-generator will receive an Interconnection & Net Metering Agreement for their review and consideration.
  • Customer is responsible for the design and installation of the generation system, including engineering, design, permits, installation, and wiring. You also are responsible for the costs of meeting UEC’s interconnection requirements as outlined in the Net Metering Rules and agreement.
  • All equipment on your side of the delivery point shall be maintained in satisfactory operating condition and shall remain your property and responsibility. You are responsible for having your generation facility inspected and approved by the authorized electrical inspector confirming it meets all applicable Oregon codes.
  • Small-scale generation and/or net metering facilities must not adversely affect the safety of UEC’s personnel or the reliability and power quality of the utility system. Net metering facilities must automatically disconnect from the utility system when power to the utility system is lost. UEC requires a readily accessible, lockable manual disconnect switch at the point of delivery. Approval for operation in parallel with UEC’s system must be obtained prior to the operation of any net metering system.
  • Once your generation equipment is installed and you have a signed copy of the final county electrical inspection notice, call UEC so we can complete our facility review and process your incentive check.